A New Site for Foodies: Make Scout

Hello all you long neglected foodies.

I’m aware that this blog has skewed far more tech than food these days. This fact, as a dedicated foodie, makes me a bit sad. So I thought I’d tie the food bit of this blog into another project where it would get all the attention it deserves. That project is my new website Make Scout. Now, to ensure that I’m really, truly giving food the love it most definitely deserves I’ve asked some friends for help writing some truly amazing recipes. Keep an eye out for Ms. Sara K’s recipes in particular. She’s a trained chef and works on the very imaginative culinary team at Pixar!

I’ll start posting a notice on Foodie By Night when a new recipe is up on Make Scout so you can all decide it that content’s the right fit for you. I’ll keep posting food stories here as well though it will probably be at a slow pace (as usual, sigh). Here’s a sneak peak of what I and my awesome friends have got posted already! (Click on the images to go to the recipe).




Simple Watermelon Salad


Make It: Cafe Con Miel

Make It: Cafe con Miel Recipe

Make It: Cafe con Miel Recipe

Make Scout also features DIY’s, Fashion and Style posts and a few other surprises along the way. Take a look and let me know what you think! Seriously I’d love feedback from people who have been with me so far!