365: Sunny Day Pomegranate Iced Tea

5/12/2012- Nothing beats a little iced tea on a sunny day. To prepare for the return of the sun here in Boston I made a little pomegranate green tea iced tea using my nifty Weck Jars (think two big servings per jar).

It was really simple, I found a pomegranate tea (think of all the flavor possibilities) and poured boiling water over it and a green tea bag in the jar I was storing it in. I like my tea sweetened just a little too, so I added a heaping tablespoon of sugar to each jar (if you like sweeter iced tea go with 2 Tbs) and let it steep until it’s cool. Add just a dash of Pom Pomegranate juice (or some other type–a little goes a long way) and pop into the fridge. Don’t forget to leave the tea bags in! Here’s the hard part, the longer you leave it the better the sugar takes to the tea. I found that left overnight it was perfect for me but I bet that if you left it longer it’d be fine, maybe even better.

Here’s a fun idea, if you want to dress up your tea for guests, you could freeze pomegranate seeds to drop in as “ice cubes” and serve it in a wine or martini glass. It looks gorgeous and tastes delicious!

Food fun at SoWa


Any foodie worth their salt should check out SoWa; it is by far one of my favorite things about Boston! There is a farmers market, a vintage market, a crafters market and a food truck “food court” all in one place! Today I picked up this adorable print. What a way to kick off the end of my exams and my return to blogging (sorry tests take priority) stay tuned for more fun!